Drawing & Painting 

9 - 15歳までの絵画クラス。

A fun, creative and innovative art class designed for ages 9 - 15. 
Students will practice the process of making art: how to come up with an idea for an artwork and translate your idea into a visual image. While the focus of each project is based on a specific theme, technique or material, students are given the freedom to interpret it in their own ways and communicate their ideas visually as well as verbally with the guidance of their facilitators. Projects vary from 2-dimensional work, such as sketches, drawings, and paintings, to relief projects using various materials and techniques. 
*This class is not designed for art school entrance exams. 

WED(水)5:00 - 6:30pm 

月謝 | Tuition ¥12,000 (月3回|3 classes per month)材料費込み・includes material cost
体験料 | Trial fee ¥3500
入会金 | Registration fee ¥10,000