Science spark

3.29 - 3.30 (Tues - Wed)|9:00 am - 12:00 pm [ages 3 - 8・対象年齢 3 - 8才]]
3.31 - 4.1 (Thurs - Fri)|1:00 pm - 4:00 pm [ages 5 - 12・対象年齢 5 - 12才] 

Explore science and art through process art activities during this hands-on 2-day workshop. We will work with several "magical" techniques using both familiar and unfamiliar tools and materials. Come learn, experiment and participate in the fun! 

サイエンスとアートのコラボ! 様々な素材を使っておもしろいテクニックを楽しく学びながら制作しましょう。実際手で触れながら実験をして、魔法のような現象を発見しよう!

Creating with colors

3.29 - 3.30 (Tues - Wed)|1:00 pm - 4:00pm [ages 5 - 12・対象年齢 5 - 12才]
3.31 - 4.1 (Thurs - Fri)|9:00 am - 12:00 pm [ages 3 - 8・対象年齢 3 - 8才]


Let's look at color in the world all around us -- primary and secondary colors, cool and warm colors, complementary colors, shades and tints. We will mix colors and experiment to see what happens! Let's learn a bit about famous artists such as Henri Matisse, Van Gogh and color master Joseph Albers, and create fun and exciting projects based on color. 



通常レッスンに通っている生徒さん | 1ワークショップ ¥12,000(材料費込み)
ワークショップやイベントのみの生徒さん|¥13,000 (材料費込み)

オプショナルランチタイム 12:00pm-13:00pm ¥1000(各日)
*12:00 - 13:00、1時間延長で+1000円 (各日)になります。お弁当・水筒・おやつは各自持参。


*Small group setting: approx. 8 students
*Register for a single workshop in the morning or afternoon or any combination of multiple camps for a discounted price

Regular students | 1 workshop ¥12,000 (including materials) 
Non-regular students | 1 workshop ¥13,000 (including materials) 
*Register for a single workshop in the morning or afternoon or any combination of two workshops for a discounted price (only applies to 2-day workshops). Sibling discount also available. 

OPTIONAL LUNCH TIME      12:00pm-13:00pm ¥1000 per day
*Supervised Lunches: Any child who is participating in the morning or afternoon camp, or both can register for lunch
*¥1000 per day from 12pm - 1pm. Children must bring their own lunches (nut free), snacks and a water bottle.
*Afternoon session will start at 1pm. If your child is not registered for the afternoon session, please pick up your child by 1pm at the latest. 

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