3.27 - 3.28 (Tues - wed)

9:30 am - 12:30 pm [ages 4 - 8・対象年齢 4 - 8才] 
This workshop is full. Please sign up for the waiting list.  ただいま空きがないためキャンセル待ちとなります。

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm [ages 6 - 12・対象年齢 6 - 12才]
Only a few slots left. 若干空きあり

Students will be making a 3D mixed media project creating fun flying sculptures. Let's make a bird, a butterfly, a unicorn, a dragon or an imaginative flying creature that no one's ever seen before! Let's transform various materials to make an interesting 3D work of art. Older kids can take on a bigger challenge and see if they can add mechanical parts to make their creatures move. They will explore how to build simple mechanical elements in an automaton such as cams, levers and linkages, while creating a moving sculpture. 




3.29 - 3.30 (Thur - fri) 

9:30 am - 12:30 pm [ages 4 and up・対象年齢 4才〜] 
Only a few slots left. 若干空きあり

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm [ages 4 and up・対象年齢 4才〜]
OPEN! 空きあり

It's all about the process these two days. If you love to create, get messy, and try new ways of using materials and tools, this one is for you. We'll experiment with all sorts of cool art techniques creating paintings, printings, and science related art projects too! This class will focus on the use of different colors, liquids, materials, and mediums to create process-based artworks. 



通常レッスンに通っている生徒さん| 1ワークショップ ¥12,000(材料費込み)
ワークショップやイベントのみの生徒さん|1ワークショップ ¥13,000 (材料費込み)


オプショナルランチタイム 12:30pm-1:30pm ¥1200(各日)
*12:30 - 1:30、1時間延長で+1200円 (各日)になります。お弁当・水筒・おやつは各自持参。


*Small group setting: approx. 8 students
*Register for a single workshop in the morning or afternoon or any combination of multiple camps for a discounted price

Regular students | 1 workshop  ¥12,000 (including materials) 
Non-regular students | 1 workshop ¥13,000 (including materials)  

*Register for a single workshop in the morning or afternoon or any combination of two workshops for a discounted price (only applies to 2-day workshops). Sibling discount also available. 

OPTIONAL LUNCH TIME      12:30pm-1:30pm ¥1200 per day
*Supervised Lunches: Any child who is participating in the morning or afternoon camp, or both can register for lunch
*¥1200 per day from 12:30pm - 1:30pm. Children must bring their own lunches (nut free), snacks and a water bottle.
*Afternoon session will start at 1pm. If your child is not registered for the afternoon session, please pick up your child by 1pm at the latest. 

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