about Ten4 art studio LLC | テンフォーアートスタジオについて

At Ten4, we create opportunities for kids to explore their world and their abilities. Through our art classes, we help bring out each child’s unique talent and aspire to nurture the creative process involved in making things. A child will naturally ask questions and want to give it a try. They will discover something new and exciting every time. They will be eager to do things themselves and build confidence during the process. So mom and dads, take the leap and give it a go; you’ll be surprised at what your child can create. Remember, it’s the experience of the creative thinking process, not the end result, that is the most valuable thing you can give your kids.

ELING | イーリン

Owner & Teacher


Born and raised in Yokohama. After graduating Saint Maur International School, Eling studied Art History and Visual Arts and received her BA from Boston University. Eling taught art to children at Saint Maur International School and at a private art school from 2006 to 2010. She also plans and runs art workshops for adults in Tokyo. When not teaching or creating, Eling can be found eating profusely, traveling, and dancing! 

ANGIE | アンジー


逗子生まれの逗子育ち。YIS卒業後、ボストンのSchool of the Museum of Fine Artsでアートを学びBFA取得、Tufts大学でDiploma取得。アートスクールで美術講師として務め、イーリンと出逢う。ニューヨークで宝石学者の資格を取得しダイヤの鑑定人として働いてから手作り時計の仕事にも携わる。日本帰国後、インターナショナルスクールで働き、現在はTen4 Art Studioでインストラクターとして務めながら、ジュエリー作りにも専念している。

Born and raised in Zushi. After graduating YIS, Angie studied art and earned a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and a diploma from Tufts University. She taught at a private art school for 2 years where she met Eling. She flew to New York to study at Gemological Institute of America, then worked at a diamond lab, and made handmade watches. She returned to Japan and worked at Mitsui Garden International school teaching pre-school children and currently works with Eling. Angie is spotted in Motomachi area walking her dog Cookie!

MEI | メイ

Former Assistant


Our beloved frenchie, Mei, crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2016. She loved taking walks, napping, eating and spending time with everyone at Ten4 Art Studio. She was extremely talented at curling up on your lap and she was loved by many. She will always be missed. 

COOKIE | クッキー



Cookie was born and found somewhere in the United States. Although he looks like a sheep, polar bear or a stuffed animal, it is believed that he is a poodle mix and is about 10 years old. He loves to eat fruits, tomatoes and cabbage and spends most of the day sleeping.